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G.O. Dental Group | Patient Review in Seattle

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Patient Review


Please let us know what we can do to serve you better.  If you like us, review us!

If not, please mail your concerns to godentalgroup@gmail.com and we will try our best to resolve any issues or concerns. 

Our goal is to earn  your satisfaction and your recommendation of us to your friends.



YELP reviews:

'Elizabeth R.'  Seattle, WA

I've been going here since I was a kid, when it used to be Dr. Mirante's dental office. When he retired, Dr. Huynh took over the clientele and since then... I've started enjoying going to the dentist for my 6 month check-up cleanings.

Ever since Dr. Huynh took over, the office got frequent makeovers, the cleanings have been much more gentler and all the equipment have sure upgraded.

As much as I STILL HATE getting x-rays done, at least I don't have to bite down on cardboard type of x-ray paper.  Instead, it's all high-tech that my x-rays come right up on the monitor rather than having to develop the x-rays.

Although there are assistants that come and go there (I'm pretty sure they're doing externships with their schools), they're all pretty friendly and make sure that you're comfortable with what they're doing to your teeth.

The best part is that you get a bag with a new toothbrush and dental floss.  If only they'd add a travel sized tube of toothpaste, you'd be set for any trip.

At this visit, I happened to bring my 2 year old with me, so that when her time comes to start getting her 6 month cleanings, she won't freak out like most children do in the doctor's office.  She was very well behaved and Dr. Huynh's wife even took her aside while I was in the chair and showed her a toy box full of toys.  So she was very easily distracted.  She was later given her own size toothbrush, which she was super excited about.

I'll be making next visit in October for my next 6 month cleaning.  Hopefully by then, I'll be sitting in their new office... which is only a couple doors down in which used to be a house.


'Daren D.'

I'm such a horrible flosser---but I'm still improving, so that's good. :P Michael is a great guy, clean job, and seems to ensure he keeps up with the latest dental office equipment and patient comfort. Adjustable massage mat on the chair. Wall-mounted monitor. Decked out shelf in waiting area (coffee, crackers, etc). The assistant seems to change every time I come in for my 6 month check-up, but they all are pleasant. Closing slider pack, instead of a bag, is the new home for the handed-off toothbrush, floss, and business card.


'Jeff S.'

My last dentist gave me an estimate for about 20,000 dollar estimate because I need 'full mouth' reconstruction, he said; and I only came in because I had a broken tooth.  

So I skipped on out of there so fast!  went on to Yelp and found Dr. Huynh.

When I asked Dr. Huynh about this, he inspected my mounth  and said "You don't have anything to worry about; we can just put a crown on this tooth.

Thanks Yelp and Dr. Huynh.


'Tuong L.'

Nice office, they just moved in the new building last year.  We also just move in the area and saw this new place.  Very nice staff, and the doctor is very accommodating.  I do not like dentist in general, thank god I only have to come in every 6 months and don't have anything to do.


'Amanda O.'

I have been going to this place since 2003, they have improved so much over the years.  They have digital xray and have brought in a really good hygienist.  I would highly recommend this office.

'Carol D.'

I have been seeing Dr. Huynh for my dental care for at least five years now.  He is a gentle and competent dentist.  I work across the street at Seattle VA hospital so it is very convenient for me.  There are several people from my clinic who go there as well.  All the staff are helpful and friendly.  I have never had to wait longer than ten minutes.  I highly recommend this dental clinic.